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Unpredictable science…!

Class 6 started their new science unit about forces this afternoon.

The children set up a whole-class investigation, testing how fast a plastic tub would travel along different surfaces. Class 6 are experts at making their investigations fair.

We were all quite excited when we started to carry out the investigation!

However, we had poor and unexpected results because the tubs didn’t behave as we would have expected them to.

This is typical of ‘real-life’ scientists at work and Class 6 definitely learnt that things can go wrong in investigative work today! We will simply try the investigation again, with a few modifications…

– Miss Land.

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  1. Henry Reply

    That was so annoying that the experiment went wrong

  2. Ella Reply

    It was horrible

  3. freddie Reply


  4. class6 Reply

    Felix said: It was awesome the second time because we didn’t put on enough weight but we did the second time! 🙂

  5. lucia Reply

    Yes, we unfortunately didn’t get any results!!

  6. Rosa Reply

    I was upset;( Rosa!;)

  7. ruby and beatrice Reply

    i liked it when none of the tubs moved

  8. Manon Reply

    It was so annoying that the experiment didn’t work the first time.


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