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How easy was it to include all of your group in the crossword?

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  1. Caleb Reply

    We fitted all the names in it quite easily. 🙂

    • oliver Reply

      yep it was really easy to do thanks for all the fun lessons

  2. Martha Reply

    Our group found it quite easy

  3. Elly Reply

    At first it was quite difficult to find the right name to start with but once you got a few names in it became really easy.

  4. Sam (school council) Reply

    It was easy and very fun.

  5. Cameron Reply

    Our group was OK but it was pretty easy 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Nikoo Reply

    Our group found it really easy(I was in the group with Martha)!

  7. Cameron Reply

    🙂 🙂

  8. leah Reply

    our group found it easy.

  9. Aruma Reply

    It was easy but we took a long time thinking of really good things that we could say/write about.

  10. devi Reply

    it was easy when we got into it but quite hard to start it off.

  11. abi Reply

    it was a bit hard but we finaly did it

  12. Euan Reply

    It took a few tries to fit every one in the crossword but we finally did it.

  13. Ivy Reply

    We had about 3 tries because on our first one we couldn’t figure out how to join all the names. Then on our second one it was too squashed up, but on our third one it worked out fine.

  14. Lilliana Reply

    Some names were hard to fit in but overall it was pretty easy 😀

  15. Stanley Reply

    Quite easy!!!!! 🙂

  16. Kyle Reply

    Our group didn’t get it at first but then we got the hang of it.

  17. Joseph Williams Reply

    At the start our group were alright, but at the end we under stood it alot more.

  18. Tom Ch Reply

    It was easy for my group

  19. Emma Reply

    It was really good fun

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