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Do you want to be famous?

How did your graphs go? Are you pleased with them?

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  1. Moya Reply

    My graphs all went really well! I like doing graphs and would love to do them again!

  2. melo Reply

    I would like to be semi-famous (famous only in this country).

  3. George Reply

    I am very pleased with my graph, I think I did it really neatly.

  4. Katy Reply

    Yes i am very very pleased with mine i did a pi chart and a bar chart!!!:)

  5. Jaydon Reply

    I’m pleased with my graphs.

  6. Sam Reply

    I really enjoy doing Bar Charts and Pie Charts.

  7. Erin Reply

    It was VERY fun doing the graphs! :]

  8. Aidan Reply

    I was very happy with my graph as well as the posters we did! :¬)

  9. Jasmine Reply

    yep i do want to be a famous singer and my charts went well. 😉

  10. Nicole Reply


  11. Nicole Reply

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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