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What are you doing this weekend?

You lucky things are getting an extra day off this week. All the staff are going on a training day learning more about VCOP and helping you to make your writing even better, if that is possible!! Can you remember what VCOP means?

We’d also love to hear what you are doing days your days off. Reply to this post and let us know.

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  1. Beatrice Reply

    I have been swimming today at Yearsley Pool. It was warm and fantastic.

  2. Beatrice Reply

    Swimming makes my hair curly.

  3. Annie Reply

    I went to see the boy who cried whulf wiv Elenor. It was gud I had peetza for lunch. In the play we had sum sweets.

    • class4 Reply

      My little girl went to see that with her class and she really enjoyed it too.

  4. Beatrice Reply

    I did a whole animal migration.

    • class4 Reply

      What does that mean Beatrice?

  5. Beatrice Reply

    It was when ice age animals went to a different part. I got all my toy animals and my playmobil animals and made a big line of them which then made a whole animal migration. It went across the dining room, into the hall and up the stairs.

  6. jacob Reply

    I went to Annies party.Me and Annie went to joels party.On sunday I went to church.I went to sunday school.On saturday I went to see beaversis plants.I hade some tea with Annie when we got home from joels party.

  7. Ellissia Reply

    Today I went to swimming and I did good.
    At the Halloween party I am going as a mummy and every body is going to think I am scary.

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