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  1. Max.P Reply


    Dogs are great pets, and I really want one because I’ll enjoy taking it on long walks, playing fetch and giving it bubbly baths!
    There are lots of different types of dogs such as Great Danes, Poodles and my favourite… bulldogs!
    Although wild dogs live groups (packs), they always have on dog in charge, so if you’re training your dog you have to let it know that you’re the pack leader!

    • Lydia Reply

      At Halloween, I like how the suspicious eery silence lingers around your bedroom all night long and stares at you malevolently with a blood-chilling grin.
      Also, I adore the fading mist swishing past street after street and the younger kids screaming “Trick or Treat!” all night long in their complicated costumes of witches, devils and even petrifying pumpkins.
      As well as these reasons, it’s enjoyable playing Apple-Bobbing and hearing the sound of bubbling in the cooling water, but will I ever champion the game( hopefully) ?

    • Caleb Reply

      I love DOGS! My favourite are Huskeys.

    • Ailsa Reply

      This is awesome, i like the explanation about packs but the dog in charge is called a alpha. Some things you could work on!

    • Lydia Reply

      You’ve used loads of VCOP, Max, this is soooo cool! 🙂 😉

  2. Alfie Reply


    Football has been around for 150 years, when football started they were 13 original laws, these laws were published by the FA in December 1863. Here are some of the original laws, no player is allowed to carry the ball, when a goal is scored the opposite side shall take the next kick off and finally a goal is scored when the ball passes though the goal posts. Over the years football has gathered pace with more spectators, making this sport a multi million pound industry.

    • jordan Reply

      I like the way you have described some of the things on how to play football because some of them facts will teach people how to play football if they don’t know how to already. It has a good use of describing words,good facts and loads of brilliant wow words.I like how you have described how long it has been around for because you have made it extremely is really good.

      WELL DONE !!!!!!

  3. Katie Reply

    Calgary Bay,Isle of Mull

    If you lie there on the silky silver sand of Calgary bay you will mabye have gorgeous sunshine but not very often(but it is lovly).
    Swimming steadily around in the freezing sea you get slowly warmer in a wet suit whilst you fish for sand eals in the rocks at low tide.
    Flowing quickly along the beach a little stream comes out of nowhere,it is much warmer and it brings fresh water to the salty sea.

    • Caleb Reply

      Awesome homework Katie 😛

    • Max.P Reply

      I like your power sentences!

    • Martha Reply

      Yours is brilliant Katie.It makes me feel like i’m actually there.

    • Lydia Reply

      This is awesome, Katie!:) 😉

  4. Edward Reply

    Myths and legends of Ancient Greece

    I love the breathtaking heroes and magical creatures in the mysterious myths and legends of Ancient Greece. I enjoy every thrilling story of fierce beasts and adventurous warriors because they make you want to hear more of the far-away tales. The battles between man and mythical beings in magical lands lets my imagination run wild, inspiring me to create my own fantasy stories.

    • Lydia Reply

      Well done , Edward, you’ve used loads of WOW words!!!!! 😉 🙂

    • Caleb Reply

      I like the use of WOW words Edward.

    • Max.P Reply

      I really like Ancient Greek stories too, and I like your adjectives!

  5. Leila Reply

    Giant pandas

    There are lots of different types of pandas but my faverote is the giant panda Whitch is a rare and endangered speeches . Evan though they are quiet animals ,they can bleat, growl,roar and honk.when they are born they are pink, tiny and have no fur but when they grow up they are gigantic and have thick layer of black and white fur.

    • Martha Reply

      I never new pandas could honk.Giant pandas are my favourite pandas too.

  6. Maximus Rigby Reply

    How was the world created?

    I would be fascinated to know how the world was created because nobody truly knows …. Was it a Big Bang or God or something else? Scientists believe the world was created by a Big Bang and humans evolved from bacteria ( this is called Darwinism or Natural Selection). On the other hand, religious people presume that a supernatural being or an almighty creator had developed the earth using some kind of magic.

    • Morgan Reply

      That was extremly good I found that very intresting. Good use of wow words.

    • Alfie Reply

      Good use of brackets Max.

    • Caleb Reply

      Clever use of WOW words 😉

    • Edward Reply

      Love your idea, good brackets.

    • Lydia Reply

      This is a great Homework, Max!:)

    • rudy Reply

      wow that is some good sentances

    • jordan Reply


      WELL DONE !!!!!!!!!!

    • indie Reply


      Wolves are wild animals, they can’t be tamed but they are very clever
      already . They can tell by the footsteps of an animal what animal it is . It can also tell by
      the silva how old an animal is and how healthy it is. : – )

  7. Amira Reply


    Unicorns are displayed as sweet, marshmallow coloured mythical creatures, that are probably made up for two year old girls, yet I am 11.
    If I had a Unicorn, I would call it Pie but really, it would be a fat lump of my imagaination dreaming to be the winged horse.
    I would imagine my very ‘large’ Unicorn in front of a silver shoal of sky, and then a flood of a candy floss sunset sinking into a moonlit blanket of darkness.

    • Amy Reply

      Amira very nice work i like that you did unacorns it was quite funny to read and lots of information but maybe it mihgt not be for just little girls you know but well done i was laghting my head offf in my mind.

    • Ailsa Reply

      I love the description and the way you uses “large” this made me laugh i love it! Keep up the good work! and have a bunny (_/)

  8. Ellie Reply

    My Halloween party

    It was the 31st of October, (halloween), and i was having a party, (of which i invited Amira, Lauren, Lydia and Darby), where we played lots of fun games and whatnot, however all of them were scared that my dad might of scared them since I spread a rumour around saying that my dads going to do something scary, but fortunately he didn’t. Trick or treating was next, when going to all of the houses awaiting for some delicious sweets, some of the houses had brilliant pumpkins (as one was carved into the hunger games logo!). At the end of the night, after playing games, shattered, my friends all went home…

    • Lauren m Reply

      I really enjoyed the halloween party. I love the words you have used in your sentences.

    • Lydia Reply

      Wow, this is great! 🙂 🙂

  9. Martha Reply


    Sooty ( my cat )is jet black and he purrs a lot … an awful lot ; it sounds like snoring. He likes being tickled under the chin but if you do it to much he will probably dribble on you- which feels like warm, sticky rain. Occasionally (when someone leaves the door open)Sooty will go and ‘play’ with my gerbils by watching them, but when he thinks the time is right he will jump up and try to scare them until they are petrified; but my gerbils are tough.

    • Katie Reply

      Nice use of a semicolon. 🙂

    • Max.P Reply

      Does Sooty purr at night? If so you must be really tired. I bet your gerbils get pretty scared!

  10. Ellie B Reply

    I personally think gerbils are the best creatures in the entire universe because they are so energetic and adorable. Gerbils are originally from the deserts of Asia but have adapted to become a very popular house pet. When gerbils get extremely scared they will drop there tail but more commonly will thump the ground with their back legs.

    • Katie Reply

      You have some good openers there Ellie.

    • Martha Reply

      I agree entirely Ellie.I think that Gerbils are the best creatures in the universe.

  11. Lauren M Reply

    Half term

    I had a great day on Wednesday shopping (in town) with my sister, she bought me some lovely new Jeans, we also had a look around Claires, I think she was tired by the end of our shopping trip.

    On Friday, I had a lovely time because my friend slept over at my house and we had an amazing night, playing lots of games and staying up late (as we were talking) which left me tired!

    Thursday night was brilliant fun at Ellie’s fancy dress halloween party (I was a vampire) I especially liked it when we went out trick or treating, we also had apple bobbing.

    • Darby Reply

      I think you used a lot of WOW WORDS and good punctuation.

    • Lydia Reply

      I loved the party too! 🙂 😉

    • Edward Reply

      Good connectives, it sounds like you had an immense half-term.

  12. Caleb Reply


    Historically, Bambrough used to be the capital of Northumbria, however nowadays Bambrough lies in the modern county of Northumberland. Although it is a quiet little village now, Bambrough has seen much fighting and bloodshed in the past. Unlike many tourist areas, Bambrough doesn’t really have any conveniences, e.g. banks and supermarkets, which makes it less cluttered and hectic.

  13. Morgan Reply

    The Monster

    I was backed up in a small charcoal black corner I was scared I even smelt my own fear.Using my penetrating voice I shrieked hoping someone would here me…no response.The monster had a deep red coloured skin with bloodshot eyes as big as an apple

    • Lydia Reply

      Well done, I like the use of your Ellipses! 🙂

    • Leila Reply

      Great ING word. What’s going to happen next?

    • Alfie Reply

      I can’t wait to see what happens next.

    • Max.P Reply

      Awesome wow words! I really want to know what happens next.

    • jordan Reply


      WELL DONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Edward Reply

    Ausome topic, Morgan. Good use of ellipses.

  15. leo Reply

    My Dogs!

    I have three dogs called Crash , Roxy and Sherlock. They are playful and are enthusiastic. However, when my mums at work and I am at school and my brother is at school he chews things.

    • leo Reply

      Crash is a sort of black mixed with a bronze

  16. Darby Reply

    Class 8

    So far in my creative,incredible and fun classroom,the best teacher(Ms Campbell)has shown us through some amazing experiances.

    The most unforgetable experiance was getting to act in a Shakes Speare show (MacBeth), “I thought it was AMAZING!”.

    Finaly ,i have loved having these creative and incredible homeworks ,have you enjoyed looking at our homeworks?, they have got my mind working and i would love to do something like them again.

  17. Cameron Reply

    I turned around I saw a huge purple slimey monster Iwere so scared I DROPPED MY TORCH this weren’t judst any old monster it was a 1… 2… 3…(he has lots of heads) 4… 5… 6… 7… 8… 9… 10… headed beast with red bloodshot eyes iwas really scared its a…

  18. Amira Reply

    I think everyone’s chosen really different and interesting topics.There is a range of Vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation (VCOP) in everyone’s sentences. 🙂

  19. Ellie Reply

    1. Loudly stomping, the gigantic animal forces its way through the swaying trees.
    2.Gently fallig,a feather like snowflake came driffting down from the clear white sky.
    3.Suddenly, an ear deafening crash comes from the stomp of an elephants foot.

  20. Cameron Reply

    I think everyones homework is brill!!!! ;P ;P ;P

  21. Toby Reply

    I like cats. The only bad stuff about cats is that they scratch furniture, don’t eat their food and wake you up early in the morning, but on the other hand they are cute and cuddly.
    Although I don’t have a cat, I used to but now it lives with my Great Grandmother. My cat was named Lottie (and she still is today!) and she will do anything for a bowl of water in the morning!

  22. Euan Reply

    Half term

    I went trick or treating with my friends and then a had a creepy nightmare it was so terrifying when i woke up I I did not go back to sleep. Then I went on a 4 hour journey to Bristol and 5 hours coming back because the train went right in Wales and out.

  23. Amy Reply

    My homework is all about the internet
    1.Who invented the internet?

    Well in the 1960s a group of people working for the USA government invented a computer network that could keep working even if some of the computers were lost or damaged,

    2.What is the internet?

    The internet is where you can find
    Facts about the olden days. It can be usual for helping you with your homework and to help you find out lots of things.

    3.What’s the best thing about the internet?

    Well the best thing about the internet to me is that you can find out many things if you read the internet. It’s also very fun to find out new things about the internet.

    hope you liked my homework
    Bye Amy.T

  24. Piran Reply

    The Match

    Wearily the children went to the ground one brisk morning and unluckily the pitch was at the end of a vast playing field, so tiredly we ran to our pitch which meant we were half asleep in the warming up. After some shouting from our coach the game started and rapidly I was soon running up the pitch as one of the opposition came barging me out of the way. The free kick went to Joe, one of my teammates, was he going for goal? As he hit the ball it went high over everyone’s head and it smashed down in the goal with the keeper diving but not quite as high. In the end we won 2-1 and I’ve never seen our coach so happy.

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