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It’s been so great to catch up with all of your news following the Easter holidays.  What did you most enjoy getting up to over the Easter break?

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  1. Millie Reply

    I went to monk park farm and held the chicks, gave the lambs their milk, stroked the rabbits and played in the park.

    Also I went to Inglton with my most annoying siblings, we climbed mount Inglbrough and obviously it was April fools day so I enjoyed getting trapped in a cupboard for half an hour by my sister.

  2. Jacob Reply

    I liked my holiday in the lake district.

  3. M@ni Reply

    In the easter holidays I went to Monk Park Farm 🙂 😀 😛 😉

  4. sophia Reply

    i loved going to Scotland as well as watching the new Cinderella at the Cinima !

  5. Oscar ( school council) ;D Reply

    I went to Greenwich, London. I saw a huge ship called the Cutty Sark. If you see a tattoo on my hand, that’s what it is. I also went under Tower Bridge, went on a Duck tour (a bus that turns into a boat and goes on the Thames), went on a high speed boat, stood on 0 degrees longitude at Greenwich observatory, saw a musical of Matilda, had the nicest churros ever, went to Henley to see our friends, and much more!

  6. Mollie(school council) Reply

    I went to Ralph’s house and we went to his aunt and uncle’s farm and there was some orphan baby lambs and we got to bottle feed them and there was one called Balzer and he was my favorite and I found a lead on the floor and I brought him for a walk and then me and Ralph did Chicken Chase and then I went into a barn-sort-of-thing because it had tractor in it to look for mice because there’s a cat called Snowy there and she eats mice and I saw her eat one it was disgusting and I found a chicken in the barn and it was sitting on two eggs and I chose one to try and hatch but Ralph found two white eggs he wanted to keep so I said I would keep one of the white eggs instead… That is exactly what I said yesterday!

  7. Ben Bell Reply

    I went swimming with Abi and Chelsea

  8. Chelsea Reply

    I went to the park with Lucy and we had a pick nick.My friend went to my house and we had a sleep over.I went to to town and went cloths shopping and more…

  9. Helen Reply

    In my holidays I went to Blackpool and went to the ice skating rink in the pleasure beach.I watched my cousins show and learnt 3 tricks on the ice.

    Also I went to flamingo land.The rids I went on where velocity twice,mumbo jumbo twice,pterodactyl once,two baby rides and the flip flop twice.The second time I went on the flip flop it broke down!

  10. lewkas Reply

    Always know what you are feeding your dragon.It could cause illness.

  11. Betsy Reply

    I went to Monk Park Farm with Sophie and held some baby ducks

  12. Kian Reply

    I went to Gulliver’s world with two of my friends from Wales.

  13. janet Reply

    At easter sunday,I went to the York minister and went to the york castle museum and ate a cake.

  14. Harry Reply

    I went to my Nanna’s house in stafford.

    I had a long bike ride to the ice cream farm and looked at owls.

    On the next day i went to swim on an inflatable at stafford swimming pool.

  15. lewkas Reply

    I went to Yasmine,a seaside African country and had African food.

  16. ben brano Reply

    i went to Manchester and its so good to be back in school

  17. jade Reply

    i went to my horse riding party at york horse riding school

  18. joe Reply

    I went to the hop pizza place with my friend who goes to a different school and went for a sleep over at his.

  19. Avalon Reply

    i went to york muesum cinema

  20. Travis Reply

    Well my cousin,auntie and uncle came over! :3 Plus my cousin is 15. WOW .-. Also i went to Rowntree park a few times in the holiday.

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