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Welcome Back!

I have been very impressed with all of you this week! I hope you are all enjoying life in Class 8.

What do you like most about Class 8 so far?

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  1. logan Reply

    english and topic is the best 🙂

  2. Betsy Reply

    I like all the colourful boards on the walls which are filled with our work- I also like the people in the class because we all hep each other if we get stuck

  3. Isidora Reply

    Class 8 so far has been amazing!I loved countdown.:)

  4. Reuben Pugh Reply

    I have had a great start to life in class 8! I have enjoyed the Topic work so far this year, esspecially making the flags. So much fun.

  5. Sophie Reply

    My favourite thing about Class 8 is the Maths working wall because I think that it is a great idea to show peoples work so we can comment on it.

  6. rosa Reply

    I have had lots of fun and my favourite thing has been doing Kandinsky drawings:)

  7. Laura Allison Reply

    I really like all the subjects and the teachers and teaching assistiances like Mr.Simons and Mr.Mastereli. They are giving us challenging pieces of work. Which is a good thing.

  8. Harley Reply

    im absolutely loving it its fantastic in C.8 Mr Mastrelli has a great sense of humour and he is so into ‘MATHS’!

  9. callie Reply

    I like all the fun lessons we have been doing in maths and english

  10. Lucia Reply

    I am looking forward to Mr Mastrelli’s countdown challenge this week!:

  11. Poppy Reply

    I think that Mr Mastrelli is really nice and the class is bright,colourful and fun [I love the green and yellow walls.]

  12. marcus Reply

    i really enjoy class 8 mr mastrelli makes all the subjects really interesting

  13. jasmine Reply

    My favorite thing about this year so far is every one in my class!

  14. Cora Reply

    I like writing the most fun so fun in Park Grove so far as I enjoy the subject in general and it is particularly fun here (I particularly enjoyed the myth story project).

  15. minnie grace cotton Reply

    I liked doing the core values sheet because it was fun and creative. here are the three core values that I did: fun, creativity and individuality!

  16. joe Reply

    In class 8 so far i really enjoy the english because it’s always very creative and fun to do like writing a letter to your future self.

  17. George Reply

    The thing that I have enjoyed most in class 8 this week is the atmosphere in the classroom.I also like the jokes that mr mastrelli comes out with.I also love how mr mastrelli makes all his lessons interesting

    from George

  18. elliot Reply

    I liked colouring the map of the world.

  19. warqaa saadi Reply

    well i like the displays and how pepole are so nice.

  20. Sophia Reply

    Thank you, I am happy to be back because i have missed my friends alot. In class eight i really like the carpet and walls they are really nice!!

  21. pujani Reply

    I am loved our PE lessons so far.

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