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Welcome back to school Class 6!

We have had a lovely return to Park Grove in Class 6.

What a hard-working, polite and friendly bunch of children you are!

I’m looking forward to a really great year with you.

Our first topic of the year is Exploration. What do you think we will be learning about Class 6?

Miss Land

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  1. Mrs Steel Reply

    How lovely to hear how hard working and polite you all are, what a super start to the year. I think you will be learning about lots of different exciting places and people.

  2. Dinithi Reply

    I am really enjoying class 6 and I love the new topic.

    • class6 Reply

      I’m really pleased Dinithi! 🙂

  3. Dinithi Reply

    I the new people in class 6

  4. Annabelle Reply

    im happy to be in class 6 its one of the most epic classes in the world I love it XD

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