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Welcome back Year 6s!

It has been fantastic to have the Year 6s back in class this week and to hear all about your adventures.  Going to High Adventure introduces you to lots of amazing new experiences, so my question this week is…

What has going to High Adventure taught you?

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  1. Lydia Reply

    It’s taught me that I can do lots of crazy activities that I never thought I could do. Also it’s taught me that I should be more grown up because I’ll be going to Secondary School after this year! Lydia 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. amy Reply

    I liked going to high adventure it was brilliant the caving was very cool.Year 5 you should watch out for David when you go caving because on the last cave he poured all of the water in his boot on our heads. The leap of faith that was good, I don’t think any of us did it. the leap is were you have to climb this tower and when you reach the top you have a to jump a long, well kind of long distance but its scary and hard, a lot of people didn’t jump properly because it was scary but when I did it I danced on top of the platform and I was really ready to jump it was very fun and funny that was on the last to second day I really liked high adventure it was brilliant I hope you like it year 5s

  3. Amira Reply

    It’s taught me alot but the main thing it has taught me is that no matter who they are or if there your friends, being able to work as a team with them is soooo important. And you feel really good afterwards 😀

  4. jordan Reply

    High adventure was brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you learn lots of new things and it makes your fears go away. you learn that you become more mature but even though you mess around alot you still learn to be mature. watch out for the leaders,they are bonkers(especially david)(they were all ace!!!!!!!!!!)

    I LOVE HIGH ADVENTURE I HOPE I GO AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Rudy Reply

    Going to high adventure has taught me a lot of things but the main thing is that you always should work together even if you are not with your friends.

  6. Bethan (School council) Reply

    High adventure rocked and it taught me that when you try something you don’t want to do it can often be one of the best things you have ever done in your entire life but if i had to score it out of 10 it would get 100! 🙂

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