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  1. Miss Sawyer Reply

    I’ve seen some of the projects in class 6 and they are amazing! Miss Land had tears in her eyes when she was looking at them! I hope class 7 can put tears in Mr Staites eyes!!!

    • class6 Reply

      We are going to look at all of the Homework projects on Friday afternoon (although I foresee we will need another session)! If you are free to come up Miss Sawyer, that would be great 🙂 – Miss Land.

  2. Miss Sawyer Reply

    I actually thought I was writing on Mr Staites blog with my last comment but hopefully he will read it anyway…

    • Oscar Hamilton Reply


  3. Miss Sawyer Reply

    I would love to Miss Land if you can remind me on Friday…

  4. Oscar Hamilton Reply

    Miss Land please can you make a blog page of the hip hop 3’s?

    • class6 Reply

      Of course! What would you like me to write Oscar? – Miss Land.

    • Alexander.S Reply

      Oscar you are so ubsessed with he hip hop 3’s

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  6. xYqwtFlYx7D Reply

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