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Welcome to Cumbria!

What were your highlights from our enrichment day? I very much enjoyed making giant pencils!

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  1. Alexander (school council) Reply

    I really like tasting and making the kendal mint cake

  2. ellen and fran Reply

    We enjoyed making Kendal mint cake

  3. Millie Annabelle Charlie Reply

    we all loved our enrichment day Annabelles favourite was making the pencil we all liked doing the pencils too

  4. Charlotte and Alejandro Reply

    I liked doing the assembly and also making the Kendal mint cake Charlotte. I liked going into class 6 Alejandro

  5. Olivia,Polina and Pujani Reply

    We all loved enrichement day but we all had our favourite part polinas was making the giant pencils pujanis favourite part was making kendal mint cake but mine was making daffadils thank you

  6. abi laurie callie Reply

    We really enjoyed the pencil making

  7. Poppy Isidora Junior Reply

    Class 5 welcome to cumbria was brilliant because it had a lot of facts

  8. class4 Reply

    I loved coming to your classroom to see all the wonderful work you had produced about Cumbria, (one of my favourite places in the UK)

    Mrs Carr-Brion

  9. Alexander (school council) Reply


  10. Marcus and Zak Reply

    Me and Zak really enjoyed making the giant pencils

  11. Polina Reply

    Kendal mint cake

  12. Alexander (school council) Reply

    It was great. 🙂

  13. jasmine and George Reply

    I really enjoyed the Enrichment day and the Kendal mint cake was delicious.My favourite part of the day was going to class 9 and we got to wear some hats with the Cornish flag on.

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