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Welcome to Staffordshire!

What a tremendous time we had on our Counties Enrichment Day!  We created our own tours of the Staffordshire Potteries and then went round to visit Cornwall, Aberdeenshire, Cumbria and Somerset in the other classrooms.  What were the highlights of your day?

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  1. Molly Reply

    I really liked the class 6 dancing.

  2. Helen Reply

    I liked doing the assembly.It was very fun!

  3. Millie Reply

    I really enjoyed class 6’s dancing!

  4. J@de Reply

    Cornwall my favorite countie

  5. Kian Reply

    Trying branston pickles and marmite.

  6. Osc@r (school council) Reply

    I enjoyed watching the dancing in Class 6 / Somerset and I also liked learning words from Aberdeenshire as well. 😉 😛 😀 🙂

  7. Lucy and Onett Reply

    Our highlight of the day was when we went to class 6 to see what they researched about Somerset, we enjoyed it when they were dancing. Another highlight was when we created our own tour of Staffordshire after harry’s homework!

  8. chelsea and Ben bel Reply

    Ben :

    I liked doing our performance in the assembly.

    Chelsea :

    I really enjoyed watching class 6 do their dance.

  9. Betsy and Lewkas Reply

    Betsy: I loved watching Class 6’s dancing!

    Lewkas: I liked making cream tea’s in Class 9.

  10. H@rvey : D :P : ) Reply

    Staffordshire is my favorite.

  11. Joshua Reply

    I loved eating my cheese and cracker sandwich.

  12. sophia Reply

    I loved the day,i learned loads about u.k counties. I particularly liked somerset. the plate dance was pretty cool to

  13. Ralph Reply

    I liked making the story plates 🙂 🙂 🙂 😀 😀

  14. Joe Reply

    I loved making the blue and white plates and making the mugs by Emma Bridgewater.

  15. Lucy and Onett Reply

    Also we enjoyed performing the Robbie Williams song, Angel (marmite) 🙂 😛

  16. Ben bran Reply

    i loved making the mugs

  17. Janet and Josh Reply

    Josh:my highlight was doing the servey about branston pickle and marmite ;). Janet: My highlight was showing Harry’s homework project.;).

  18. Betsy Reply

    I also loved trying the Willow Pattern

  19. Masha Reply

    masha says : class 8 was my favorite

  20. H@rry Reply

    I enjoyed going around the classes and looking at the different county’s and doing the song marmite in stead of angels. 🙂 😉 😛 😀

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