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What a fantastic first week!

Welcome back Class 7!  We’ve had a wonderful first week back and I’ve enjoyed getting to know you all.  What have been your highlights?

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  1. Mrs Steel Reply

    I’m glad to hear you’ve had such a wonderful week. My highlight for Class 7 is that every time I glance in the window you are working really hard and smiling at the same time.

  2. reuben Reply

    My highlight of the first week is sitting on chairs in assembly and putting them out.

  3. Callie and Tia A Reply

    I love being in Ms Campbell’s class because she is really fun

  4. Ellen + Jasmine Reply

    We liked doing work about explorers

  5. harper Reply

    I enjoyed English!

  6. Elle Reply


  7. Poppy and Tia Reply

    The first week of school was amazing because I think miss Campbell is amazing.

  8. millie and minnie Reply

    I have had a wonderful week with miss Campbell she has made it really fun Millie x.

    I have enjoyed the fist week with miss Campbell. I was really excited going into this class but very nervous!xx

  9. Shannon and bea Reply

    we have had an excellent first week. we’ve loved learning about explorers.

  10. Manon and Rosa Reply


    I have had a lovely week and I can’t wait until next week to learn more things.

    Rosa:I have had a very good week

  11. marcus and livy Reply

    we have had a really good week and we
    love having Ms Campbell as a Teacher

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