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What can you remember about Messi?


This week we have learnt all about the life of the footballing superstar Lionel Messi. What facts can you remember about him?

Do you think he is a positive role model or not?!



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  1. Helen Reply

    He had a problem with growing up and messi and his family couldn’t pay for it.

  2. Lucas Reply

    Messi had a trial on Barcalona fc

  3. Shannon Reply

    Messi is the worlds greatest football player !!

  4. Millie+Chelsea Reply

    He made a big huge decision about staying in Argentina.

  5. Joseph Williams Reply

    I remember that he was very poor and he was very small for his age!!

  6. Onett Reply

    I think he is a very good role model, an interesting fact is that he plays for Barcelona.

  7. harry metcalf Reply

    Messi has won 4 players of the year.

  8. Mollie Reply

    He has a little sister called Maria Sol.

  9. lucy Reply

    Messi is a very good footballer and is still is now!When he was young he had to play football with older children than him because he was so good, he even beat them when he was younger!

  10. Sophie lavers Reply

    Messi had a very serious problem which meant that he couldn’t grow properly so his team had to pay for the prpblem!!

  11. Ben Reply

    Football he liked football and he still dos like it.

  12. Mani :) Reply

    Messi plays for Argentina and has scored two goals in the world cup including an amazing goal against Bosnia Herzegovina.

  13. ben Reply

    did anybody see his goal it was awesome

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