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What do you know about Skara Brae?

This afternoon, class 9 were given their learning objective: to research Skara Brae. But what is Skara Brae?! That’s what they had to find out!

Class 9 – what did you find out about Skara Brae? What interesting facts did you research?

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  1. Ellen

    I learnt that they had furniture

    • oscar (school council) :P

      All made out of stone!

    • oscar (school council) :P

      I remember in our class assembly Alexander explained,
      “And in Skara Brae, Orkney, they even found stone toilets flushed by streams!”

    • oscar (school council) :P

      Followed by Ben/Bones remarking,
      “Very posh!”

  2. Ellen

    It was covered by a sandstorm (I think!)

    • oscar (school council) :P

      And then uncovered by a storm in 1850.

  3. Ellen

    Then uncovered and lived in!

  4. Charlie D

    I found out that their houses were connected with passage-ways apart from one house.

    • oscar (school council) :P

      The one house I think was a workshop?

  5. oscar (school council) :P

    More using the Chromebooks!

  6. oscar (school council) :P

    That’s a good thing!

  7. oscar (school council) :P

    And I learnt that Skara Brae is located on the west bay of Sandwick, Orkney!

  8. oscar (school council) :P

    Then I really enjoyed designing a poster about it!

  9. oscar (school council) :P

    I hope we do more about Skara Brae! (Or other Stone Age villages in general)

  10. Freddie and Olivia

    what fun new places for this morning. So wish these were are natural home places.

  11. Ellen and Tia

    There was a central hearth

  12. Beatrice & Harper

    We learnt that there were underground passageways linking to underground houses

  13. Beatrice & Harper

    We learnt that the skara brae people were the first people to have stone furniture

  14. jasmine

    I learnt that they had furniture

  15. Elle ?

    I love that the houses were round but throughout time they updated into more rectangular but still rounded roofed houses

  16. Elle ?

    I learnt that they had a built-in hearths in the centre of the room I wish I had that in my house to keep me warm and cosy in the winter weeks

  17. Elle ?

    I also learnt that the middern was almost like a central heating area I remember how it was made it was so disgusting they use rubbish to create heat from the bacteria???

  18. Elle ?

    That is something that I really wouldn’t want in my house, how revolting!

  19. Elle ?

    I agree with Oscar in one of his blogs I really enjoyed making the poster about Stone Age villages but my most favourite work on Skara Brae pretending to be an estate agent describing and persuading people to buy the one and only Scara Brae house an exclusive high-quality construction.?

  20. Elle ?

    I wish we could do that all over again, it has been my favourite lesson during class nine, well apart from high adventure but that doesn’t really count is a lesson wink wink

  21. Shannon gatenby

    I have learn lots about SkaravBrae, however I didn’t know that the Skara Brae was reviled by a winter storm in 1850