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What ice-cream flavour did you have?

Yesterday, whilst on our trip to York Library, we were lucky enough to enjoy an ice-cream in museum gardens! Class 7 would like to thank the PTA who kindly paid for these from the money they have raised over the year. There was lots of different flavours to choose from and we were also allowed to pick a sauce or sprinkles too! Here is a picture of some of us enjoying our ice-creams.


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  1. oliver Reply

    I had choc and had sprinkles It was delicious

  2. Mollie Reply

    I had vanilla in a cone with SPRINKLES!

  3. Chelsea Reply

    The flavor I had was chocolate and it was really nice.

  4. Kian Reply

    I had mint choc’ chip with multi coloured sprinkles!!

  5. Helen Reply

    I had a Hokey Pokey with sprinkles!

  6. Molly Reply

    I had chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce and it lasted till 10 minutes to school

  7. Travis Reply

    I had vanilla with sprinkles! Yum! :3

  8. Jade and Masha Reply


    i had mint choc chip ice cream with choc sauce


    I had a vanilla ice cream with raspberry sauce

  9. janet Reply

    I had mint choco chip with sprinkles

  10. Avalon says: Reply

    i had mint choc chip with sprinkles 🙂

  11. Millie Reply

    I had the HokeyPokey and it was really nice! 😛

  12. Onett Reply

    I had an absolutely delicious ice cream which was Hokey Pokey with rasberry flavoured sauce,it was awesome.

  13. Betsy Reply

    I had a strawberry ice-cream with a lot of sprinkles.

  14. H@rry and his best friend Ben Reply

    Ben: had a beautiful and delicious mint choc chip and sprinkles.

    Harry:I had vanilla and sprinkles and it was delicious. 😉 😀 🙂 😛

  15. Jasmine Reply

    I had chocolate with toffee sauce.

  16. Jacob Reply

    I had chocolate with rasberry sauce.It was delicious! 😀 😛

  17. Joe Reply

    I had mint choc chip with rassbery sorce

  18. Scarlet and Amber Reply


    My favorat flavor of ice cream is mint choc chip with chocolat cream on top.

  19. Miss Clayton Reply

    I’m glad you all enjoyed your ice-creams! I had vanilla with raspberry sauce and it was delicious, hopefully we will be able to go again one day!

  20. Gareth (Jacob's Dad) Reply

    I had strawberry – no sprinkles, no nuts!

    And thank you very much to Janet and Onett who wrote me letters after the trip. I really enjoyed the visit, and it was great to see how interested you all were. Thanks for letting me come along, you were good company and asked interesting questions!

  21. mani Reply

    I had strawberry with sprinkles 😀

  22. Josh G Reply

    I had HOKEY POKEY and it was delicious 😀

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