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World Book Day

We had a wonderful World Book Day and you wore some utterly fantastic costumes!  If you could have a fictional character join our class, who would it be and why?

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  1. Mollie Reply

    Sigurd definitely!

    And maybe Hiccup and Toothless too.

  2. Helen Reply

    I extremely loved world book day,it was great.I’d want raj from lots of the David Walliams books.

  3. ralph Reply

    a chick named I’m a chick

  4. Janet Reply

    Annie from magic tree house because she is funny and magic tree house is my favourite book.

  5. Travis Reply

    I have a list:

    Hiccup( How To Train Your Dragon)
    Sigurd (There is a Viking under my bed)
    Klaus Baudelaire (Series of unfortunate events)

  6. Avy Reply

    i loved world book day and all the books were so cool i love them and at the end we read our books witch i thought was nice for us 🙂

  7. Millie and Scarlet Reply


    I would like The Double Act twins to join our class!


    I was Cat woman from the old comics for World book day and I was really annoyed at sum people for saying I looked unusual.

  8. Lucy and Jasmine Reply

    We collectively chose Violet Baudelaire from A series of unfortunate events because its our favourite series of books!

  9. Harry and Lewkas Reply

    World book day was EPIC 🙂 🙂

  10. Ben and amber Reply

    i had fun doing chirs redial on world book day= amber

    i had fun at world book day it really expressed my self= ben

  11. class7 Reply

    World book day could not have been better!

    from Betsy

  12. George and Abigail Reply

    I love the bit were we got to read to the year ones.I had a funtastic day!

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