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World Book Day…

What did you come as for World Book Day? What is your favourite book?

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  1. Ade Reply

    On world book day I dressed as Klaud the French Artist.

  2. dominic Reply

    I came to school as bugs bunny also my favorite book is lego ninjango masters of spinjitsu

  3. lucas Reply

    i came as my self,my favorite book is diary of a wimpy kid.

  4. Dan Reply

    I came as the boy in the dress it was really fun:D

  5. Ava Reply

    I came as Rue from the hunger games. 😀

  6. abby Reply

    i came as Katniss Everdeen from the first hunger games! my favourite book is clean break by Jacqueline Wilson and the hunger games trilogy by Suzanne Collins!!

  7. Tomas Reply

    I came as Harry Potter and my favorite book is middle school.

  8. William Reply

    I came as wheres Wolly on a skiing trip. 🙂

  9. libby Reply

    For world book day I came as ‘The Queen Of Hearts out of alice in wonderland ‘ also I bought the book ‘ love,lies and lemon pies by Katy Cannon’ from the Travelling book fair stall! WORLD BOOK DAY WAS AMAZING ! 🙂

  10. Alexander Reply

    I went as Timmy Failure and I also enjoy the books too! the event was really exiting. 😀

  11. Tom.C Reply

    Frank Zhang-he is an archer, can change form and is a son of Mars.

    My favorite book is ‘BLOOD OF OLYMPUS’ a Percy Jackson novel.

  12. Layla Reply

    I came as ‘The Railway children’ as it is one of my favorite books 🙂

  13. Klaudia Reply

    I came as Nikki J. Maxwell, from a book called DORK diaries 🙂

  14. Holly Reply

    I came as Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games. Unfortunately, I can’t say my favourite book because I have too many.

  15. jake Reply


  16. mae Reply

    I came as Winnie the Pooh. Also my 5 favorite books are: Rooftopers, Born to run, Thief, Tom Gates and Harry Potter.

  17. gaurie Reply

    I went as the white rabbit and but pink eye-shadow on my nose, people said I looked like I had a col. LOL ;D

  18. Tom Reply

    I really had fun doing the activities.

  19. jake Reply

    half moon investigation

  20. Molly Reply

    i came as the executioners daughter and my favorite book is Girl Online

  21. khai Reply

    i had a brilliant day on book day i was bum bum bum bum KING KONG ALL MIGHTY ALL POWERFUL ALL WELL thats it but i should of been picked it took me a lot of thinking to do this 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 ): ): ): ):

  22. Zuzanna Reply

    I came dressed as myself and my FAVORITE book is Tom Gates

  23. Joseph Reply

    I came as myself, but my fave books are the Alex Rider books and Timmy Failure! 🙂

  24. Oleg Reply

    I dressed up as Michael Jackson from a flip book that I have.My favorite bokks are Tom Gates books.

  25. Jacob Reply

    I came as Mathew sayed from his autobiography.

  26. Katy Reply

    I came as Amelia Jane from ‘Good idea Amelia Jane’ and wore funny socks! 🙂

  27. Jaimie Reply

    I came as Prof. Lupin from Harry Potter. My favourite authors are David Walliams, J.K. Rowling, Robert Winston and another David whose surname I remember. My favourite book is The Junior Picture Dictionary.

  28. olivia Reply

    I came as Alice from Alice in wonderland!

  29. khai Reply

    it was good

  30. Rylie Ackroyd Reply

    I enjoyed reading with Neekoo

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