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World Book Day

What are you coming as tomorrow?

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  1. mae Reply

    luna from harry potter

  2. Thomas Reply

    A ninja assasin called Nile from Alex Rider.

  3. George Reply

    I am coming as Holden Caulfield from the The Catcher In The Rye.

  4. Bethan Reply

    I came as Miss Trunchbull!

  5. Moya Reply

    Pippi Lonstockings!!

  6. libby Reply

    I came as Wenda out of wheres wally and everybody else you looked good in your costume

  7. Nicole Reply

    I came as Ayla from Clan of the Cave Bear.
    The costumes were all amazing! 🙂 😀

  8. Jasmine Reply

    I came as Harry Potter from um,let me guess… HARRY POTTER!

  9. Oleg Reply

    I came as Big Nate from Big Nate

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