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World Book Day 6th March

Which book character will you be coming as tomorrow? I can’t wait to see your costumes…

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  1. Cameron Reply

    I am coming as wheres wally tomorrow and that is what I was last year.

  2. devi Reply

    i am going as Wenda from where s wally

  3. elly Reply

    I am going as Hermione Granger from harry potter.

  4. Max.R Reply

    I’m coming as Big Nate!

  5. leila Reply

    I am going as Violet from a series of unfortunate events.

  6. Huw Reply

    Tomorrow i am coming as Peeta Mellark because my favorite book is the hunger games

  7. Max.P Reply

    I’m going to come as Jeckyl and Hyde (both!).

  8. Jordan Reply

    i an coming in as Robin Van Persie from my manchester united book.

  9. Caleb Reply

    I will be coming as the karate kid! 😀

  10. Lydia Reply

    I’m coming as Katniss Everdeen. I can’t wait to read with the infants! 😉

  11. Martha Reply

    I’m probably coming as Violet Baudelaire from a series of unfortunate events.

  12. edward Reply

    i am going to come as a hobbit.

  13. RUDY Reply

    I’am going as the kid from Demon Dentist.

  14. Toby Reply

    I will be coming a one of the apes from Kensuke’s Kindom by Micheal Morpurgo. My costume will be my gorilla onesie.

  15. Morgan Reply

    I’m going as Big Nate

  16. Katie Reply

    I’m probably going as the tooth witch (Miss root) from Demon Dentist.

  17. ellie Reply

    Tomorrow i will be coming as Annabeth out of the book,percy Jackson.

  18. Indie Reply

    I was going to be Joe from little Women but i changed my mind now i am going as Cleopatra from Antony and Cleopatra.

  19. Amy Reply

    I cant wait I’m going to get ‘earth fall’ and ‘minecraft red’ stone i really cant wait I just love reading!!!!!!!

  20. Amy Reply

    I’m going to dress as Steve from minecraft book.

  21. Euan Reply

    i am coming as a vampire because i have a book about horror storys

  22. nikoo Reply

    i`m probably going as Tracy Beaker

  23. Tom Reply

    I do not know what I am going as but I will decide

  24. Martha Reply

    Actually, I might come as a panda from panda panic wearing my onseie!

  25. Bethan Reply

    I was Miss Trunchbull

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