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World Cup Countdown…


The start of the World Cup is only 4 days away!

We had a very exciting class draw where you each got drawn a team participating in this world cup. Remember if your country wins you will receive a replica of the 2014 Brazil World Cup ball!

What facts can you tell me about your country? It may be a footballing fact or something quite different!

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  1. Helen Reply

    My country is mexico and it is north america conenent.

  2. Reuben Reply

    I got bosnia.

  3. Joseph Williams Reply

    My country is Croatia and last year for there summer holiday they went to Croatia and ate octopus!!

  4. Freddie Reply

    Uruguay has the best player in the premier league Louie swares. 🙂

  5. Manon Hollingworth Reply

    The last world cup was in 2010.The world cup occurs every 4 years.In 1998 France won the world cup for the first time and they haven’t won since.The world cup has 32 countries taking part.Brasil has won the world cup trophy 5 times before.All the people in the world cup who are taking part are men!

  6. Onett Perera Reply

    My country is Honduras

  7. Sophie Lavers Reply

    Cameroon is in the continent Africa. Cameroon is the first African country to reach the quarter finals soccer world cup. In Cameroon the official languages are English and French!!

  8. Shannon Reply

    My country is Brazil !!
    74% of people are Catholics.

  9. Sara Reply

    My country is Chile but I did France for my project

  10. m@ni :) Reply

    I can’t wait to watch england in the world cup! I won’t be able to watch england vs italy but i can watch the game vs costa rica and uruguay 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. Sara Reply

    No,actually it’s Ghana!Manon’s is Chile.

  12. Chelsea Reply


    The coulars of the french flag are blue, wight, and red.

  13. Sam Salter Reply

    My country is greese an I think thay’l have a good chanse of WINING!However it’s likely Brasil and Spain will be in the finals…

  14. sophia Reply

    I got spain as my country.I know that spain are the raining world cup champions and that last world cup was the fist one they had ever won.

  15. harry and elle Reply


    Switzerland have never won the world cup


    you may think that U.S.A are only good at football but they are amazing at ice hockey!

  16. Millie Reply

    1.Japan suffers 1,500 earthquakes every year;
    2.Japan has mare than 50,000 people who are over 100 years old;
    3.Japan consists of over 6,800 islands;
    4.In Japan there are more pets than children!

  17. lucy & Joe Reply

    I got Costa Rica,it is a quite good team but i do not think it is going to win.I think that Spain is going to win so Sophia might get Mr.Mastrellis football.
    i got Germany, i think Brazil is going to win so Shannon might get Mr.Mastrellis football.

  18. Minnie Reply

    I got Argentina for my country.

  19. sara Reply

    I bought the world cup stickers tomorrow i will bring them.

  20. sara Reply

    My country is ghana .
    1-ghana is in africa.
    2-ghana is famous because it have so many dimonds.

  21. Mani Reply

    I got ECUADOR also did you know these scores?:

    brazil 3-croatia 1
    Holland 5-spain 1
    Cameroun 0-Mexico1

  22. Helen Reply

    I was playing Brazil last night but I think I lost.

  23. ben Reply

    I am Italy!

  24. Joseph Williams Reply

    unfortunately Croatia LOST there first match against Brazil!!

  25. ben Reply

    whoops i pressed the wrong buten and carnt wait to win that was what i was ment to say

  26. Ella Reply

    I am Belgium and I won on Tuesday the 17th against Algeria.

  27. Sarah Reply

    my country is Ghana and it is famous because it have lots of diamonds.

  28. Mollie Reply

    I got Algeria and their matches are against Belgium,Russia and South Korea.

  29. Harry Metcalf Reply

    I got SWAZILAND Swaziland Ecuador
    Scores: Me Mani
    Brazil 3 1 Croatia 2 1
    Cameroon 0 1 Mexico

    Holland 5 1 Spain
    Chile 3 1 Australia

  30. Charlie Reply

    I got Holland and i was a little bit lucky even though they beat Spain still

  31. Mollie Reply

    The colors of the Algerian flag are green,white and red.The red is a moon and a star and the white is on the right and the green is on the left.

  32. Scarlet Fulford Reply

    I got the country Australia.

  33. Charlie Reply

    Hollands flag is red,white and blue

    red at the top

    white in the middle

    blue at the bottom

  34. m@ni Reply

    my country Ecudor are out 🙁

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