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World Map

How did you get on drawing a map of the world?

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  1. Caleb Reply

    Not all of it was right. 🙁

  2. Nikoo (school council) Reply

    Not all of it was right. i can’t believe that I have forgotten most of it after we have just a couple of months ago done the map homework!

  3. Kyle Reply

    It was really tricky and I found it hard to get the shape of the world.

  4. Ellie Reply

    It was really tricky but I got most of the countries in the right places.

  5. Elly Reply

    It was quite hard but it also fun at the same time.

  6. Martha Reply

    I think I did alright but I think next time I will be able to do better.

  7. Nicola Reply

    I got close with some countries.

  8. sasha Reply

    I found it quite hard. I will look at the map some more.

  9. Lilliana Reply

    Mine turned out pretty good considering I only thought I could remember a few (;-)) !!!

  10. abi Reply

    It was tricky but fun and intresting

  11. leah Reply

    It was really tricky .

  12. joseph williams Reply

    To be honest there was nothing, except for the UK (mostly),that I got correct!

  13. oliver Reply

    I think i did rarely bad at drawing it

  14. Amalie Reply

    I thought I did well

  15. Emma Reply

    It was so hard it really looks easy!:)

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