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World War 1

I have really enjoyed looking at your posters based on those from World War One.

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  1. Jasmine Reply


  2. Bethan (school council) Reply

    I really enjoyed making them!

  3. Nicole Reply

    yeah! it was really fun! 😀

  4. George Reply

    Everyone’s posters were very creative! I loved seeing the different styles.

  5. Jacob Reply

    It was really fun.

  6. Katy Reply

    Thanks I thought it was fun mine said Keep calm and fight!!I’ts not very long but i was gonna do Keep calm and fight on but couldn’t fit it on

  7. Molly Reply

    my granny is working on WW1 and the soldiers in our school! she also gave the info to Mrs carbrian

  8. Jaydon Reply

    I really enjoyed it.

  9. mae Reply

    I copied one.

  10. Thisen Reply

    I really enjoyed making the posters!!!

  11. William (school council co-chair) Reply

    It was really good

  12. Marshall Reply

    It was pretty fun making the posters.

  13. Thisen Reply

    I really enjoyed making the posters

  14. Ava Reply

    I made up my own that said “LADIE POWER”:D

  15. Moya Reply

    I love learning about World War 1 because in year 3 we learnt about WW2 so it’s interesting to see how different WW1 is to WW2!

  16. skye Reply

    It was lots of fun!

  17. Aidan Reply

    I thought making the posters was AWESOME! 😀

  18. Miss Sawyer Reply

    You love making posters in Class 9 don’t you? No wonder you chose to sell posters for Enterprise Week!

  19. Bethan (school council) Reply

    On my poster I put


    except I wouldn’t want my Dad to go 2 war any way so its not very true!

  20. Bethan Reply

    Sorry i mean war

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