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World War 1

Today we looked at key events from World War 1. Which key facts did you learn about this war?

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  1. Ade Reply

    I learnt that WW1 finished in the 11 November.

  2. lucas Reply

    were the world war 1 took place

  3. Joseph Reply

    I was in a session with Mrs Wilson so I missed the session.

  4. luke Reply

    The Germans felt surrounded so the decided to dominate the hole of Europe and then it lead to the first world war.

  5. libby Reply

    I learnt that it started in 1914 and ended in 1918 🙂

  6. mae Reply

    i learnt about all of the different countries that were involved.

  7. Jacob Reply

    I learnt that England, France, Russia and Italy were on one side and Germany and Hungry were on the other.

  8. Klaudia Reply

    I learned when the war started and ended, and why there was a war and a lot more.

  9. Alex Reply

    The war started because of Britain, France, Germany and Russia all being jealous of each other and Germany was surrounded and wanted lots of power so they assassinated a very famous general and the war began…

  10. Holly Reply

    I learnt the reason for why the 1st World War happened, learnt that the end of the war was on November the 11th at 11am in 1918 and that Europe, Asia and Africa was involved.

  11. olivia Reply

    It all started when an important person was murded

  12. jake Reply

    I learnt that the Germans had been surrounded by all other country and wanted to claim land and attacked!

  13. Zuzanna Reply

    I learnt that Germany got jelouse of other countries and Germany killed a famous Australian person and it got to war, and when Germany ran out of recouses, they called out for a peace deal.

  14. Katy Reply

    Well I learnt lots about the WW1 and one of my favorite facts is that some Counties got together and helped Europe which is very kind! 🙂

  15. Jaimie Reply

    I wasn’t in for the lesson but I am sure studying WW1 will be very fun. I am excited about going to see the letters on Thursday.

  16. Tomas Reply

    I leant that there were only two teams: England, France, Italy and Russia against Germany and hungary.

  17. Tom Reply

    I am looking forwud to lern mor about World war 1!

  18. Ava Reply

    I learnt that USA helped Britain to defeat Germany and Hungary.

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