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World War II Key Figure & Family Stories…

For our homework project and as part of our topic, KS2 were asked to find out about a significant figure from the War or explore their own family history and explore the thoughts of family members who were involved in one way or another. The response to this project has been absolutely amazing!

In class 9, we had so much interesting research to share about key figures such as Winston Churchill, Anne Frank and Oskar Schindler as well as exciting stories from grandads, grandmas or even great uncles that we had our own mini exhibition in class! It was so wonderful to hear these fantastic family tales and even see some real life war memorabilia!

Class 9 – what did you enjoy most about completing this project? Whose story did you share in class? Whose project did you enjoy seeing/hearing about? Is there anyone else in your family you could find out more facts about WWII from?

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  1. Ellen Reply

    I loved exploring everyone elses projects

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