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World War One

Who did you find out about?

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  1. kyle wilce Reply

    me Jake and Dominic found out about the dog stubby.

  2. lauren Reply

    Me and Layla found out about all of the people

  3. Cameron Reply

    I loved finding out about Sargent Stubby he was awesome

  4. fletcher Reply

    Me and Stan found out about stubby and a guy who shot birds in school!!!

  5. tom Reply

    I found out about Sargent Stubby and that he was damaged in a gas attack but then got used to the smell so he could warn the other solders when a gas attack was coming by wagging his tail.Also he was called stubby because he had a short tail.

    • Cameron Reply

      Sargent Stubby was killed by a grenade

      He also got smuggled on the boat by a soldier that really liked him

  6. Sam Salter Reply

    I found out about a famous guard dog who won a lot of medals before his first birthday.

  7. nicola Reply

    Me and Lucas found out about Sargent Stubby and we found out that he could smell gas attacks coming so he barked so that the soldiers could put their gas mask on in time.

  8. stan Reply

    Eric was a nurse and help people out but she was captured by the Germans and was shot to death when she was sentenced to death

    sarg.stubbey helped people whenthey we in-danger like if gas was coming are someone was hurt.he would bark. he got a huge stack of medles too!

    they were my two heroes from world war one.

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