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Y5/6 Swimming Gala Report – 7.12.16

On Wednesday 7th December, eight Park Grove children competed in the annual Swimming Gala at Archbishop Holgate Secondary School. We faced 10 other teams in a battle to win the Swimming Gala.

The amazing 8 contestants from Park Grove were: Alexander Savkovic, Ellen Jones, Henry Tegetmeier, Jasmine Neberay, Mai Metcalfe, Jade Bowles, George Philips and Reuben Pugh  and the amazing coach Miss Grainger. When we arrived our hearts were beating nervously.

With a speedy start Reuben set off on his timed front crawl race finishing the race in 4th place. Mai then against a number of York Bath’s Swimmers threw her nerves away and swam confidently in the race finishing on a high! Next up was breastroke with Henry and Ellen gliding through the water with the grace of swans and an excellent stroke technique! Ellen and Henry both gave Park Grove a boost up the leaderboard. Then Alexander bravely tackled the backstroke race with unfortunately near missing the 3rd place spot ending in 4th place. Jade then confidently back stroked through the water against some tough competition holding her nerves all the way through. George and Jasmine then stormed through to the end of the individual butterfly races. With very hard competition they did manage to win it back for the fabulous Park Grove.

The next race was the medley relay with Jade and Ellen covering the freestyle and on the other hand Henry tackling breaststroke and Alexander managing the backstroke, in this race unfortunately we didn’t win 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. Finally the relay race started with all of the contestants managing front crawl with a spectacular finish from the other half of the Park Grove team.

The results were then announced: In 1st place was Robert Wilkinson, 2nd Clifton with Rawcliffe and in 3rd place Huntington. We came in 5th place out of the 11 teams which as a team we were really pleased about. The whole team would like to congratulate all the teams: Huntington 1 & 2, Hempland 1 & 2, Lakeside 1 & 2, Clifton Green, Clifton with Rawcliffe, Wheldrake and Robert Wilkinson.

We really enjoyed the Swimming Gala and hope to see Park Grove competing in it next year.

Written by
Alexander Savkovic,
Ellen Jones and
Jasmine Neberay.

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  1. Reuben

    What a great effort everyone did

  2. rosa

    I wish was in it , but well done evreyone!

  3. Sophie

    Well done everyone in the swimming gala and i thought 5th is a great place to come, especially out of 11 teams!

  4. Mollie

    I think that the team did really well! Well done everyone!

  5. Poppy Walker

    Well done everybody how did the race and what a amazing effort on coming fifth place.:]