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Yorkshire Museum Trip

We had a wonderful trip to the Yorkshire Museum yesterday. What were your favourite bits?

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  1. Holly Reply

    My faviroute part of the trip was seeing all the stuffed animals ,dinosaur skeletons and finding out about dinosaurs and extinct creatures.

    • ade Reply

      the best i liked about the trip is the giant scull.

  2. Olivia Reply

    My favourite part was seeing all the dinosaur skeletons and finding all about the different facts!

  3. lucas Reply

    my favourite bit was when we drew dinosaur footprints in the big rock

  4. molly Reply

    i loved looking at the bones of the piliosaurus :0

  5. Jaimie Reply

    I was ill so I wasn’t able to come but it sounds amazing and I think I would have enjoyed the dinosaurs, extinct creatures and animals if I did come.

  6. gaurie Reply

    My favorite bit was probably looking at the pliosaur bones and drawing the ammonites

  7. Oleg Reply

    My best bit of the trip is when we saw all of the fossils

  8. Dan Reply

    I enjoyed the trip and learning about skillful dinosaurs 🙂

  9. Katy Reply

    My favourite parts of the trip were definatly the part whene we compared our hight to the size of a Moa.My other favourite part was whene we compared our weight to the weight of a

  10. molly Reply


  11. Klaudia Reply

    I enjoyed when we were looking at that wild cat, and wolf and those other pets, and I liked looking at the skeletons of the dinosaurs and the foot steps in the rock.

  12. dominic Reply

    The best part of the trip was when we got to see the dinosaur skeleton

  13. luke Reply

    My favoret part was the massive fish 😀

  14. libby Reply

    my favorite bit was the weight scale and you could see what dinosaur you weighed the same as. also the bit where you could look at all the bones 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  15. Joseph Reply

    I liked finding out about lots of different dino’s

  16. Layla Reply

    My favorite part was when we looked at the stuffed animals 😀

  17. jake Reply

    i loved finding out about different facts about all the dinosaws

  18. William Reply

    My favourite part was when we saw all the fossils and stuffed animals;especially when I saw the dinosaur foot prints!

  19. Jacob Reply

    My favorite bit was seeing the ichthyosaurus skull.

  20. abby Reply

    my favorite part was when we looked at the aminights! sorry about my spelling!

  21. tom Reply

    I thought the stuff animals were really cool.

  22. mae Reply

    i liked seeing the stuffed animals

  23. Ava Reply

    I really liked the trip because it was interesting to look at all the animals and skeletons. 😀

  24. ade Reply

    i really liked going on the school trip and looking at the bones.

  25. alexander Reply

    I enjoyed everything we did are group was stuck on somethings but we solved it eventually. I really want to carry on dinosaurs but we going to do ancient egyptians! 😀

  26. Zuzanna Reply

    I liked the part when we saw the different skeletons and finding the different facts

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