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Have a Wonderful Holiday!

You’ve all worked incredibly hard this half term so please have a lovely holiday with your families and friends! As it is a holiday, there will be no homework set this week.

Please remember that you come back to school on Monday 31st October.

With Best Wishes from Mr Mastrelli and Mr Symonds.

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  1. Logan and Livy

    Thank you Mr Mastrelli, And you can Also have a amasing holiday 🙂

  2. millie rose larbey and joe atkinson

    Millie:for the holiday i am going to Germany having a night in prague then going to dresden to see my baby cousin auntie and uncle and get back at 1:00 on the monday school day. i am just going with my nan.

    joe:For my holiday i’m gonna play video games and then have loads of sleep overs with my friends.

    • rosa carter

      Hi millie,
      hope you have a good holiday!


  3. Annabelle.M

    I Want To Do Spellings In The Holiday. Am I The Only One Who Wants To Do This ? Because I could Do Them In JAPAN 😀 !

  4. Marcus

    I will have a nice holiday I think I will be lounging in my bed alot!

  5. Ella

    Yay! We will be back on halloween!

  6. Jasmine

    I can’t wait for the holidays. I have really enjoyed this half term.

  7. rosa

    I’m playing out with my friends ,going to halloween sleepover and on Friday 21st of October I’m going to Leeds with my Mum.


  8. minnie grace cotton

    Have a nice holiday everybody!

    Hope you are all doing fun stuff!

    I am going to Wales to a lovely cottage that we go to every year!

  9. elliot

    I’m looking forward to the holidays but I really enjoyed
    the ‘Save the planet’ topic.

  10. Isidora

    I’ve loved class 8 so far and can’t wait to get back.


  11. george

    Thank you, I cant wait for the fantastic holiday ahead although I will miss doing long multiplication questions.I hope you have a lovely relaxing holiday especially after a tiring parents evening!

    From George

  12. Natasha

    Have a nice holiday hope you have fun wherever you are going!

  13. lucas

    I love class8 and i’m looking forward to the holidays and the new term coming up. Also i’m looking forward to the new topic even though I dont know what it is.

  14. Jasmine

    This half term has been so exiting and has flown by so I can’t to see what next term will be like.

  15. Laura!

    I cant wait for Halloween because it is in 12 days time! But I am very sad that the Halloween Disco was cancelled. D:

  16. ralph

    I’m going to see harry and cole in scotland!!

  17. Callie Bradley

    I going to my auntie house me and my cousin to look after her horses for 2 days

  18. Poppy Walker and Cora Wareh

    Cora- I can not wait till half term. We might be able to go to another country
    Poppy-Even though I love school I can’t wait for the half term holidays.

  19. Laura!

    Also I hope that I have a good parents evening. Fingers crossed