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After days of preparation, Monday was the day when each group finally completed writing their own playscript based on a story from another culture. Every child worked really hard and the quality and humour in each collaborative playscript was clear to see!


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  1. lucas Reply

    I really enjoyed doing the marvelous playscripts on Sinbad the sailor.

  2. l.allison Reply

    This playscript was madness! I had a really fun time (even though it took almost or over a week)!

  3. Logan and Livy Reply

    I really enjoyed this topic Mr Mastrelli 😉

  4. Poppy Walker and Cora Wareh Reply

    Cora- This activity was fun and allowed us to use our playscript knowledge.
    Poppy-This was a really fun lesson and taught us how to write a playscript, also we got to use the laptops.

  5. Annabelle.M Reply

    I loved writing play scripts it was so fun :3 ! But i was guilty of not putting capital letters in … Well i now need to remember CAPITAL LETTERS 😀

  6. Ella Reply

    Yeah, they were really good and I really enjoyed writing my scene of our group playscript. Our play is a very good one!

  7. REUBEN Reply

    It was fun but it took a long time.

  8. Betsy Reply

    I had lots of fun writing this playscript and can’t wait to act it out

  9. Sophie Lavers Reply

    I was pleased with the output of my group’s playscript as we all worked very hard to bring it together.

  10. george Reply

    I loved doing this exciting long term script and loved the comic pages that we learnt the script off.I enjoyed working as a group together as we could share each others ideas.

  11. millie rose larbey and joe atkinson Reply

    Millie: I was ill for some of the days we did this but picked it up very quickly and enjoyed typing it up and working with my whole table group.Thanks for the fantastic script english lessons Mr Mastrelli.

    Joe: Writing the play script was very fun and it was fun to imagine how the characters would say things.

  12. Callie Bradley Reply

    I really enjoyed doing the sixth voyage

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