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‘Magical Multiplication!

This week, Class 8 have explored multiplication in different contexts. The culmination of their learning was  a task which required the children to work out the value of different letters in order for a multiplication calculation to be correct. Each pair enjoyed this challenge with good application of the rules necessary to calculate using long multiplication successfully.


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  1. Isidora .;,'

    I loved this and whizzed through them! 🙂

  2. Logan and Livy

    This maths session was fun trying to find the numbers from the letters (but was really tricky 🙁 )

  3. l.allison

    I struggled at this but I tried my best. I hope to get better at it and practise it over the term.

  4. lucas

    I really enjoyed it even though I found it hard,tricky and puzzling.

  5. Lucia

    Doing letter multiplication was a bit challenging but it was extremely fun.

  6. Annabelle.M

    I loved Working With Letters !… Even If It Was a Little hard :3!

  7. Connor

    It was really had a fun time.

  8. Ella

    I really enjoyed this lesson. It was very different and fun.


    THis was so fun @nd challenging

  10. Mollie

    I have enjoyed this lesson and I am looking forward to doing similar things again! 🙂

  11. Sophie Lavers

    I have enjoyed working out the letters and am looking forward to doing letters instead of numbers for division next half term.

  12. millie rose larbey and joe atkinson

    Millie: This was really fun for our last maths session before half term. It was challenging but extremely mind boggling.

    Joe:this activity was challenging and fun it tested if we knew long multiplication well it also tested if we knew missing numbers i cant wait to finish it tomorrow.

  13. Sophia

    This session was really challenging yet when you worked it out it gave you a fab feeling! I developed a stratergy which helped alot! You filled in the letters which you had been given and then saw if you can autimaticly know the what the letter in the space of the magic 0!

  14. Jasmine

    I found this lesson very difficult but also very fun!

  15. Betsy

    I learnt alot in this lesson but I think division will be alot harder

  16. Natasha Vas

    I liked what you were doing on this subject well done!

  17. george

    I extremely enjoyed today’s maths lesson and thought it was one of the best of the term.

    from George