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Super Scientists…

On Monday afternoon, Class 8 used their investigative skills to find out key information about a famous scientist – Charles Darwin. Each pair produced a fact file about him using an array of information sources, with a particular focus on his understanding of evolution.


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  1. Lucia

    I enjoyed doing the science and researching the scientists!:)

  2. Connor

    I loved it I did so good with it.My pantner was Ella.

  3. Poppy Walker and Cora Wareh

    Cora- It was VERY fun doing a paired activity on Charles Darwin, with my partner, Poppy.
    Poppy- This was amazing to learn about charles darwin.

  4. Warqaa saadi

    Well mr Mastrelli I really wanted to tell you that I really like learning about famous history people so I LOVED THAT LESSON!

  5. Laura!

    This work was really hard and was especially hard to find information on it.

  6. Ella

    This science lesson was really fun finding out about Charles Darwin. I learnt about Charles Darwin as I didnt know much about it in the first place.

  7. Logan and Livy

    This was FUN you could say me and science have a chemical reaction

  8. Isidora

    I love love love love love loooooooove Charles Darwin! When Mr.Mastrelli said we would be finding out about him I made a silent BOOYA! I don’t know why I like him though…