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Well done to all Reception Children! Once again a fantastic Forest Schools session! I loved your creativity. We made pictures using sticks as picture frames and leaves were flowers. Some children said their pictures were televisions, their parents or of their visit to the seaside! Photos to follow! Ms Lamb also asked the children to practise number formation by painting various numbers. The children did a great job!















































































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  1. Miss Sawyer Reply

    The children love it outside don’t they?

  2. class1 Reply

    Yes they do Miss Sawyer. They painted numbers, hunted for natural objects and used a checklist. They even used their phonic skills to read words hidden in the coloured sand. They worked really hard and certainly enjoyed learning outside. The time flew!
    I’d also like to comment on how beautifully Class 2’s Reception children sat and sang in Monday’s singing assembly (all class 2 joined in actually and sang with gusto),we’ll be joining the whole school again on Monday to sing some more harvest songs. See you there. Ms Lamb

  3. Miss Sawyer Reply


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