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A very warm welcome to Class 6!

Hello Class 6! Welcome back to school and also to our amazing new blog! I’m really looking forward to seeing you all and hearing what exciting things you have been up to in the holidays. We are going to have a fun, happy and jam-packed learning year and so I hope you are eager and ready to go! Your new topic is… the Tudors. Do you have any interesting questions to ask about the Tudors? – Miss Land.

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  1. Travis Reply

    Hi, you are a very nice Teacher. Looking forward to doing more stuff with you and hoping to do a lot of fun activiies with you. From Travis.

  2. Ben Bellerby Reply

    Hi Miss Land Iam excited about the Tudors. youre the best teacher in the world!!! thankyou for teaching me.

  3. jasmine Reply

    class6 is the best.

  4. oscar and ralph Reply

    to miss land.
    thankyou for the lovely comment!
    hope you have a great time teaching us,
    From Oscar and ralph.

  5. alexander s Reply

    To Miss Land,

    It has just been my dad’s birthday we went to flamingo land it was brilliant.

    from alexander

  6. Millie Ellen Reply

    We Had A Great Time Me And Ellen On The First Day.

  7. Joshua Reply

    To Miss Land why did Henry v111 have 6 wives?

  8. Zak Reply

    I am very happy about my tooth falling out from my mouth. and I like the work.

    • Millie Reply

      I Am Going To Have A Great Time With You Miss LAND

  9. Millie Ellen Reply

    We Will Have A GREAT ! Time With You Missland

  10. Masha/Jacob Reply

    Hello miss Land.
    We like class 6,Masha says you are very pretty.We would like to know what a hurdy-gurdy is?

  11. AMBER ORLA! Reply

    TO Miss Land you are a graet teacher we like lurning with you.


  12. lauren charlesworth and olivia gargan Reply

    Hi,miss land It’s lauren i love you’r speech and i did have a fantastic hoilday.[my best thing was going to zante in greece for two weeks].Having a great time in your class hope you are.

  13. Travis Reply

    Hi, I’m at home and when am I going to be on the site.?

  14. oscar Reply

    Dear Miss Land,
    So far I’ve enjoyed working with you and by the way, I REALLY LIKE the Tudors and other periods of history.
    From Oscar.

  15. class4 Reply

    What a welcoming class you are- it’s lovely to see how much you are enjoying having a new teacher and making Miss Land feel welcome. Anyone new to juniors- don’t forget to pop back downstairs to come and see your old teachers- we miss you and want to know how you are getting on. That goes for Year 4s too! From Mrs Hearson

  16. Travis Reply

    Thanks class 4 for the coment

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