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What are you looking forward to learning this year?

Are you ready to learn some challenging Maths? Do you want to know lots about the weird yet fascinating world of the Tudors?

Please post all your thoughts here!

Mr Mastrelli

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  1. Betsy Reply

    Yes i’m realy exited about maths

  2. Ella Reply

    cool this is the best class any way. mr mastrelli

  3. Ella Reply

    I guess MATHS. What are you looking forward to Mr Mastrelli?

    • class5 Reply

      Teaching Class 5 of course!

  4. Harry Reply

    Looking forward to ever thing.

  5. Mollie Reply

    I can’t wait to learn lots about tudors!They are really
    exciting.And I can not wait to learn lots of challenging
    maths.Then I will be as good mathsmatition as my best friend Oscar.I can’t wait to learn lots of things.
    I love class 5!

  6. joea Reply

    class5 rocks

  7. Isla Reply

    I am so glad I am in class 5 now I have only just came into this class and so far I have loved it,Can not wait to know what is going to happen next.Mr Mastrelli is a great teacher he loves his maths and so am I.There is lots of classes but class 5 by far is the best class,I don’t like this class I love this class.The topic is arsome the work is arsome I’m just so happy i’m in this class.This school is arsome I hope lots and lots of friendly children go to this school.

  8. helen Reply

    i am looking forward to our topics this year

  9. lucy Reply

    ciass5 is the best cass to be in, nothing is better than this class class.Mr.Mastrelli is one or the best teachers.

  10. Betsy Reply

    But most of all i’m exited about English

  11. chelsea Reply

    I’ve realy liked maths because it is hard!!!

  12. Millie;) Reply

    I’m looking forward to English:)

  13. Feddie Reply

    i am looking forward to new awsome work

  14. Sophie Reply

    So far iv’e loved class 5 I am looking forwards to mentel maths.

  15. Sophie Reply

    I am also looking forwards to the sports that were going to do.

  16. Betsy Reply

    I LOVE CLASS 55555555555555

  17. Manon Reply

    I am looking forward to maths because it will get harder and harder. I am looking forward to art as well as maths because iam quite good.

  18. Manon Reply

    Class 5 is soooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Betsy Reply

    you are one of the best teachers I LOVE CLASS 555555555555!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. class4 Reply

    Wow, such an enthusiastic class and its great to see how much they are looking forward to maths! You’re all in good hands with Mr M, he loves maths too, nearly as much as me!! From Mrs Hearson. P.S. – all you new juniors – dont forget to pop back downstairs, your old teachers love to see how you’re doing!

  21. Onett Reply

    I am looking forward to sports, french, art and
    guided reading.(Guided reading was my favorite lesson
    last year).The reading record is very shiny and cool.

  22. Minnie Cotton Reply

    I am looking forward to more about the tudors . I am looking forward to more mental maths.

  23. Betsy Leach Reply

    Class 5 will allways be cool!!

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