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Animal Food Chains

Yesterday, Class 6 learnt about animal food chains. We started to use the science vocabulary ‘producer’, ‘consumer’, ‘prey’ and ‘predator’. We learnt that most food chains start with green plants. Did you enjoy the lesson Class 6?

Miss Land.

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  1. calvin Reply

    I liec it when we wer doing it osme

  2. chloe heatley Reply

    I love the food chains that we have made it was fun . Now I know that I can do food chains.

  3. Callum Reply

    Learning about food chains was interesting.

  4. Rebecca Reply

    i love food chains

  5. Mrs Steel Reply

    It sounds like you had a very interesting time.

  6. Dinithi Reply

    I really liked doing the food chains.

  7. Dinithi Reply

    The food chains are epic and I liked the animal food chains and I also liked the animations a lot.

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