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Castle Museum

Hope you enjoyed our fantastic visit to the Castle Museum today. You worked really hard in the workshop to sort all the toys. Can you remember the categories we used for sorting?

Which part of the museum was your favourite?

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  1. Miss Sawyer Reply

    I thoroughly enjoyed the visit today!

  2. Mr Currie Reply

    Please tell me all about your visit when you see me.

  3. Poppy Reply

    I liked the old rooms the best.

  4. Isidora Reply

    I think it was great, especially the gail and the school!

  5. Isidora Reply

    I liked the jail and the schoolroom. Please can we go again?

  6. Isidora Reply

    Please can we go again?

    • class4 Reply

      You can go with your mum as it is free with a York Card. If you go in the next month it will be decorated for Christmas and will look wonderful!

  7. Beatrice Reply

    I liked the museum because there was a toyshop we went in to and there was a man in there dressed up. I said Queen Victoria was dead and he said no she isn’t.

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