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-ly adverbs!

Class 6, I enjoyed your Much Ado About Nothing adverb lesson today. You know I love adverbs that tell us HOW something happened, I hope you are starting to as well!

How could you describe the verb in each of these boring (yawn) sentences using an -ly adverb?


1. Beatrice barked at Benedick.

2. Claudio looked into Hero’s eyes.

3. Leonato walked into Messina.


– Miss Land.

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  1. Bethan(school council) Reply

    1.Beatrice barked at Benedick angrily because he stepped on her tail!
    2.Claudio looked into hero’s eyes longingly!
    3.Leonato walked into Messina accidentally but rather rudely!

    • class6 Reply

      Fantastic Bethan, I hope Class 6 can do such a good job! What great adverbs! – Miss Land.

  2. Bethan (school council) Reply

    no problem!

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