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Class Trip!

What a fantastic day we all had at the Yorkshire Museum and York Minster! You behaved superbly and walked ever so sensibly to and back from the trip. Well done everyone!

Which activities did you enjoy and what did you learn?!

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  1. Manon Hollingworth Reply

    I enjoyed the activity when we had to design a coin and I can’t wait until it comes out of the oven.

  2. Manon Hollingworth Reply

    I also enjoyed the activity ehen we could draw a profile and a full face picture,(mainly because I had drawn a very realistic picture.)

  3. Sara Reply

    I enjoyed the activity when we drew our selves , it was very funny.

  4. Helen Reply

    I enjoyed doing the self portraits, and learning about full face and profile.

  5. Luc@s Reply

    I enjoyed it when we had lunch in the museum gardens.

  6. Scarlet Fulford Reply

    I loved the class trip it was so interesting and very fun.I wish we could go on an other one in class 5.

  7. Freddie :) Reply

    I loved the trip!. : )

  8. Millie Reply

    I enjoyed the design a coin but I mostly enjoyed looking at the really old coins!

  9. Sam Salter Reply

    I liked making the coins and looking at all the artifacts in the Minster!I think the Minster is the biggest church in York.

  10. Mollie Reply

    I loved doing the hunt to find all the things in the Minster!

  11. Betsy Leach Reply

    I could not go on the class trip as I was ill but I want to learn all about what happend

  12. Shannon G. Reply

    I really enjoyed it at the mister it was quite interesting there they was lots of pictures and fun things to do.

  13. MANI! Reply

    I liked it when we went to the minster and we did loads of activities. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  14. Onett Reply

    My favorite activity was the one were you needed to find certain objects but I absolutely loved lunch because we got a different field to play around in.

  15. Stan Reply

    I found it extremely fun and interesting. I found the minster quite dizzy.

  16. Charlie Reply

    I loved finding all the things in the Minster especially the astronaut because it was the hardest

  17. lewkas Reply

    I liked the coin making and the minster activitys.

  18. Onett Reply

    My favorite activity was the one were you needed to find certain objects in the minster however I absolutely loved lunch because we got a different field to play around in.

  19. Minnie Cotton Reply

    I enjoyed the class trip and I loved the Minster!!

  20. Harry Metcalf Reply

    I leant that profile is the side of your face and front face is strait on.
    I enjoyed the actvaty in the Minster wich is when we go around and try and find 10 things.

  21. ben (school councull) Reply

    i rely enjoyed the part were we went into the church it was fun

  22. MANI! Reply

    I also enjoyed seeing Mr Little 🙂 it was pretty much AWESOME 🙂

  23. logan andChelsea Reply

    We loved the trip on monday!! 🙂 My favorite part was when we looked at the coins.

  24. M@NI! Reply

    I liked the place where you did a self portrait in the Yorkshire museum. Mine looked kind of rubbish which made it epic 🙂 🙂

  25. Joseph Williams Reply

    the Minster was awsome! I also enjoyed the mueseum gardens, all though as I tryed to get some sleep by shade baithing, I didn’t quite get as much sleep I hoped for!

  26. Ella Reply

    I also learnt what profile means.

  27. lucy and joe Reply

    We enjoyed the class and the best activity was when joes mum took us around the minster .

  28. Sophie Reply

    I enjoyed learning about the minster and what part of it burnt down. I also enjoyed learning about full face and profiles and how you shrink a drawing to make a coin.

  29. reuben Reply

    I enjoyed going in Miss Sawyer group because we found everything there was to find. I also loved the lunch hour as we got to run around and play tag.

  30. sara Reply

    I enjoyed when Mrs Sawyer toke us around the minster , and i also enjoyed when we drew our selves , that was very funny .

  31. Harvey Reply

    I loved eating in the museum gardens and learning full face and profile.

  32. Mollie Reply

    I loved learning about all the different coins!

  33. Charlie Reply

    I enjoyed doing the activity in the minster because it was an exploring activity and i love exploring!.

  34. Lucia and sara Reply

    My favorite part was walking around the minster,my favourite part was evrything.

  35. lucy Reply

    i really enjoyed the class5 trip , it was amazing!

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