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Curiosity Club Week 8

Hello everyone!

We had a fun last Curiosity Club meeting!

We experimented with Cornflower – it is a strange powder as when water is added to it, it behaves like both a solid and a liquid depending on how you handle it! We grabbed handfuls of the mixture and could roll it into a ball between our hands but we soon realised that if we stopped rolling it, it turned back into a liquid and “melted” between our fingers! Very cool – everyone should try this at home.

We then launched our film canister rockets.


We used the canisters that photographic film used to come in. We added an Alka-Seltza tablet and 5 ml of water. We then put on the lid tightly and stood away from the canister. Most of the “rockets” popped magnificently – one almost as high as the roof outside of the KS2 classrooms! Some travelled a much smaller height but all of the rockets made a loud POP as the carbon dioxide created was released! We loved this science test – a great end to the weeks of fun science we have all enjoyed.


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    Sounds fun

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