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What a lovely week!

Although it is approaching the end of term our class have still shown enormous enthusiasm for all our activities. Our P.E session on Friday was super. We were balancing on big body parts, our tummies was hardest as we balanced keeping our legs and feet off the ground.
We used partners to help us balance and the children worked beautifully in pairs. We played ‘beans’ as a warm up and also ‘stations’ where the children had to listen to the properties of a shape and work out which shape was being described and then which ‘station’ to run to. Great fun!
We have lots of Easter activities planned for this week and our maths enrichment day on Wednesday will consist of lots of number ordering activities which involve eggs!
In Forest Schools we’re planning a treasure hunt. Sage enjoyed listening to our nursery rhymes this week. Everyone had the opportunity to recite a nursery rhyme and she seemed to enjoy listening to them all.
Which is your favourite?
How many do you know,?
Can you sing them as well as say them?
We’d love to hear from you!

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