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  1. nikoo Reply

    The year3/4 play was amazing! Well done!

  2. Bethan (school council) Reply

    I think they were all amazing and very brave 2 say all there lines, do all there dances and sing all there songs!

  3. mae Reply

    it was great

  4. Molly Reply

    cool volcano!!

  5. Melo Reply

    I loved the year 3/4 play it was incredible! AMAZING!

  6. George Reply

    The year three four was excellent! I enjoyed every second of it and I hope the year threes do a great job again next year!

  7. Moya Reply

    I was really impressed with the year 3s and 4s! Their voices were very loud and bold!

  8. Katy Reply

    WOW!!!!!!!What a fantastic play especially for their age, I could hear every word!!!:)

  9. Jacob Reply

    The play was great and I could here all the words.

  10. Marshall Reply

    That was one the best plays iv seen this year it was amazing.

  11. William Reply

    In my words the play was just utter awesomeness

  12. Tomas Reply

    It was really good (:

  13. Sam Reply

    I thought the volcano was epic.I don’t think they’ve done that before!

  14. Isabella Reply

    WOW it was amazing!
    And they all remembered there lines.

  15. Oleg Reply

    I really enjoyed watching the Y3/4 play I loved the bit when dice monsters were chasing them 🙂

  16. Erin Reply

    It was AMAZING!!!!

  17. Skye Reply

    I could every word!!!!

  18. Ava Reply

    WOW WOW WOW WOW 😉 :}

  19. mae Reply


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