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Curiosity Club

A big ‘hello’ to the Curiosity Club members!

We met at lunch time today to talk about our new club (for year 4’s) that is starting in January.

The Club will carry out science-based investigations and try to answer questions that we would like to know the answer to!

Do any of the Curiosity Club members have any ideas about what they would like to investigate?

– Miss Land.

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  1. Sam Salter Reply

    What’s a volcano made out of?

  2. louie Reply

    i wish i sighed up!

    • Jacob Reply

      Yes,it is really good!

  3. Bethan (school council) Reply

    Wow sounds fun but I’m afraid I’m not in year 4!

  4. Oscar Hamilton Reply

    I thought Miss Land said 3 and 4!:(

    • class6 Reply

      Sorry Oscar – my mistake! Year 3’s next time!

  5. Sammy Salter Reply

    I think that after we have done the volcano, we should find out what a tornado is made out of.

  6. Sammy Salter Reply

    What are we going to do next?

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