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Detail and Description

Today you wrote about a memorable event from your life. What did you write about? Can you remember two fabulous examples of descriptive language you used?

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  1. Holly Reply

    I used a powerful simile towards the start of my work. This was: At the age of 9, I vividly remember ecstatically strolling into Pets At Home, and I think of this as clearly as the river of thoughts that brewed inside my head that very day. Although I can’t remember it word for word, it was something like that.

  2. oleg Reply

    I wrote about the maze in high adventure

  3. Jake Reply

    i wrote about puding ,my kitty cat

  4. Layla Reply

    I used ‘the scorching bright sun hit the dirty window’

  5. lucas Reply

    in austrailia

  6. Ava Reply

    I wrote about my Asthma attack when I was 3

  7. libby Reply

    I wrote about high adventure

  8. Jacob Reply

    Wading and slimy

  9. Ade Reply

    One scorching day and faster.

  10. Jaimie Reply

    I wrote about when I got my pet rabbit called Sonny. I wrote that exuberance and impatience overwhelmed me and that the butterflies in my stomach turned to dragons.

  11. Jake Reply

    cute and wonderfully bushy tail

  12. mae Reply

    i wrote about at high adventure when the fire alarm went off and i had to help Ava outside as she had no shoes on. i tried to include as many senses as possible, smell, see, hear, feel and taste.

  13. William Reply

    I wrote about when I got a Table tennis table for Christmas!

  14. Olivia Reply

    I wrote about the first time i held a bird it was a caramel brown barn owl which surprisingly called Caramel!

  15. Molly Reply

    i wrote about high adventure canoeing 🙂

  16. gaurie Reply

    I wrote about my brother and when he was born I used phrases like the bleakness of the hospital and bounded through the olive green door.

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