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Frog Potions

You performed very well in devising potions to try to turn Year 6 teachers into frogs using multiplication and addition calculations. Can you provide one example of a solution?!

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  1. Holly Reply

    12 caterpillars.

  2. oleg Reply

    I think someone will turn MR.MASTRELI into a frog.

  3. Ade Reply

    I think that ratio is a bit easy for me.

  4. Jake Reply



  5. Jacob Reply


  6. libby Reply

    I think this activity was great

  7. Ava Reply



  8. Jaimie Reply

    To turn Mr Mastrelli into a frog you needed to get 108 animal legs.

    Caterpillar = 9
    Lizard = 4
    Millipede = 36

    You could use 3 millipedes.

  9. Dylan Reply

    i enjoyed trying to turn mr currie into a frog but thought it would be more fun to do mr masstrelli

  10. lucas Reply


    1 spider

  11. abby Reply

    in my group we had to make a potion from 68 bug legs. beettle-17 bat-2 lizard-4

    i did 4+4=8×8=64+2+2=68

  12. Katy Reply

    One example is 17×4=68 as you need 68 legs to make Mrs Steal a frog! 🙂

  13. Joseph Reply

    I had to turn Mr Mastrelli into a frog 🙂

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