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Dino Word Problems

We’ve been working hard to solve addition word problems in maths this week.  Can you write a dinosaur related word problem for your classmates to solve?!

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  1. Joe Reply

    Joe has 116 fossils he finds 350 more how many does he have now?

  2. Kian Reply

    The spinosaurs ate 25,987.7 pounds of meat and the T-rex ate 2,567,567.90. How many pounds of meat did they eat altogether?

  3. Betsy Reply

    If John had 5555 toy robots and wanted to have 780 more, how many robots would he have if he got 780 more altogether?

  4. Betsy Reply

    If a compsognathus was a meter long and grew up to 10 metes and 35.57 cm how long would it have grown.

  5. sophia Reply

    If i saw a herd of diplodocus and another herd of stegasaurus.THe 1st herd had 345 in it and the second herd there was 456 more then it. how many dinos were there in the second herd?

  6. Oscar (school council) Reply

    If a herd of 5672 Allosaurus found a group of 12964 Allosaurus, how many Allosaurus would there be altogether? then 645 Allosaurus went to hunt. How many Allosaurus are there now?

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