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Supersaurus, Zephyrosaurus, Compsognathus…

Our fantastic dinosaur researchers have been sharing their projects this week!  Which homework presentation have you particularly enjoyed and why?

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  1. Mollie Reply

    I liked Betsy’s project because the dinosaur was actual size! It was good that it was a small dinosaur though.

  2. sophia Reply

    I liked all of them but Joe’s and travis’ realy stood out.

  3. sophia Reply

    I also liked betsys

  4. ben Reply

    I really enjoyed Ralph’s homework project because I didn’t know much about the supersaurus 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Travis Reply

    I enjoyed Sofia’s homework because it looks good and looks like it got alot of work put into it! 😀

  6. Joe Reply

    Scarlet’s because I liked the volocirapter head.

  7. Kian Reply

    Ralph’s presentation about supersaurs I liked it because I had no clue that there was a dinosaur called supersaurs and it was the size of 5 London double decked buses.

  8. Betsy Reply

    I really liked ralphs project

  9. ben bell Reply

    I loved all of the homework because they were so creative!

  10. Scarlet Reply

    Ben.Bran’s funny video because of his dog.:-)

  11. Chelsea Reply

    I thought that all of them were amazing!:)

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