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DT Enrichment Day

This week in Class 8 we designed and made a pizza for an French astronaut called Jean-Loup Chretien. We used traditional French toppings to create our French-style pizza. What was your role in making the pizza?

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  1. Ben (school council) Reply

    My role was to chop up the peppers.

  2. Ivy Reply

    I made the dough and my favourite part was rolling it out.

  3. Kian Reply

    My role in making the French pizza for Jean-Loup Chretien was to skin the camembert and I really enjoyed doing this.

  4. Emma Reply

    My role in making the pizza was putting the toppings on and putting it in the over. I really enjoyed doing this activity.

  5. Molly Reply

    I really liked peeling the brie and the pizza was amazing.

  6. leah Reply

    Our group chopped up a pepper into strips.

  7. mani Reply

    I cut the brie 😛

  8. Olivia Reply

    My role was to chop the tomato up into small pieces.

  9. Sam Salter Reply

    My role was to skin and slice the Camembert cheese.

  10. J@de Reply

    I made the dough and I didn’t really like it because it was very messy

  11. Abi Reply

    I was chopping a tomato up into little pieces after that when everyone else had finished we put them in oven and ate them they was yummy.

  12. Travis Reply

    Me and our group’s role was to cut the skin off of the Camembert cheese.

  13. Janet Reply

    I placed the toppings and it was very fun!

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