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To The Moon and Back…

We’ve been studying the Moon this week,  in particular the eight phases on the Moon.

Have a look outside now – can you see the Moon? What phase is it in?

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  1. Chelsea Reply

    I can not see the moon outside but I think it is in the waxing crescent.

  2. Molly Reply

    The moon has 8 phases and 1 is called a 1st Quarter.

  3. Sam Salter Reply

    Wahning crescent.

  4. mani Reply

    I liked drawing the lunar cycle in topic.;)

  5. Ben (school council) Reply

    I can’t see the Moon right now but I really enjoyed the lesson.

  6. Amalie Reply

    I can not see it quite yet because it is 09:13AM

  7. Amalie Reply

    It was a fun activity a long time ago…

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