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End of year…

Today starts your last week in Class 5. I have greatly enjoyed teaching all of you, as you have a great attitude to work, are extremely enthusiastic and always willing to learn! What have you enjoyed about Class 5 this year? Do you have a favourite activity or set of activities that were particularly memorable?!

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  1. Mollie Reply

    I have really enjoyed the world cup and learning LOTS of maths.

  2. Mani Reply

    I liked learning about the world cup! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Lucas Reply

    I have enjoyed everything in class 5

  4. ben Reply

    At number 5 is since and At number 4 is french and At number 3 is art and just missing top spot is English and number 1 my fravroit activity is maths!

  5. Sam Salter Reply

    While I’v been in class 5 I have enjoyed doing maths with Mr. Mastrelli!

  6. Onett Perera Reply

    I enjoyed everything especially ; Mathematics, English continuation and problem solving. I also liked it when
    a different teacher comes to teach us.

  7. Millie Reply

    I definitely enjoyed the class assembly, but I’m not sure maybe I liked the play more although I loved ding ticket selling!

  8. Manon Reply

    I love maths and I improved on it a lot.I liked challenging myself even though I had some really silly mistakes.

  9. Freddie Reply

    I really don’t want to leave class 5. 🙁

  10. sophia suddaby Reply

    In maths i greatly enjoyed learning about colon addition.I also particularly liked learning about Bear Grills in Topic.

  11. stan Reply

    I love the maths in class 5 because it was challenging and fun

  12. Freddie Reply

    I really don’t want to leave class 5 because it is the best. 🙁

  13. reuben pugh Reply

    My memorable moment was when we performed our class 5 a-z assembly extravaganza. It was funny and creative. I enjoyed all of it but my favorite bit was the Apache. It was ever so funny to watch and perform.

  14. Chelsea Reply

    I have really enjoyed doing our world cup sticker album because we are so close to finishing it.

  15. shannon Reply

    I loved our class asemmbely it was very fun I also enjoyed Dragon’s Den.

  16. lucy Reply

    My favorite part of class 5 is that Mr .Mastrelli is teaching!You clearly are the best teacher in the school.I will miss you and always remember you.I will still see you out in the playground and i might join your football team!

  17. Charlie Reply

    I really enjoyed maths this year and i never thought that maths would be so easy sometimes.

  18. Betsy Leach Reply

    my best moment in class 5 was when we had our first try at swimming lessons as it was so exciting.

  19. Joseph Williams Reply

    I loved the year 3/4 play, also I really enjoyed our rounders match against class6 (mainly because I got 2 rounders)!

  20. Joe A Reply

    I will always remember class 5 is the best class

  21. Manon Hollingworth Reply

    I enjoyed class 5 and I don’t want to leave class5.

  22. Helen Reply

    I will miss class 5.My most favourite memory was when we did our class assembly, it was so much fun in class 5.

  23. Scarlet Fulford Reply

    I don’t want to leave class 5 even no I am going to class 7 and I will be a year.I am also going back to America for a wayel.

  24. minnie Reply

    I have enj.oyed being in class5 and my favorite subject is maths

  25. Harry Metcalf Reply

    Maths and P.E.
    Maths is merble because Mr Mastrellie is amazing at maths.
    P.E is merble because we beat class6 at rounders 11 17.

  26. Sara Reply

    my favorite part in class:5 is the world cup.

  27. Miss Sawyer Reply

    There is a very strong football theme running between these responses children…

  28. Manon Reply


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